A downloadable Art for Windows

An interactive art piece. Explore an endless chasm up and down. See bridges, beams, and other features. You can use the keyboard or a Xbox 360 controller to navigate. The controller is better.


  • Left Analog : Camera
  • LB : Next Seed
  • RB : Prev Seed
  • A : Random Seed
  • B : Help
  • RT : Show seed
  • LT : Speed up scrolling
  • DPAD Left and Right : Look through color palettes

If using the keyboard press TAB for help.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withraylib
Tagsartgame, Procedural Generation, PROCJAM
Code licenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_NonCommercial v4.0 International
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


mineshift-windows.zip 1 MB

Install instructions

Download a binary for Windows here.

Linux users can compile the project using Crystal by visiting the github page. https://github.com/sol-vin/mineshift


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love the depth feel and the smooth camera effect of this, well done!


I think my reaction to this would have to just be "woah" even though all it is, is a procedural art generator, I think it's super cool (and super pretty too!) honestly, this is one of my favorite things I've ever seen on itch. :D

Thanks that really means a lot. I worked really hard to make this, not only because I had to write the program but also bind the game engine used (raylib) which was extra work. I’m glad I had procjam roll around as I started working on it. I’ll make more procedural stuff soon.